We are the team of people with great passion in our work.Each of us is an expert in his field and we are happy to share our knowledge and skills with you.

Michal Razus is a professional genealogist, researcher and a tour guide with a great passion in Slovakia. He specializes in genealogy research and private ancestral tours. Since 2009 is a representative of CGSI (Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International) for Slovakia. He was a speaker on genealogy conferences in St. Louis (2011) Chicago (2013) and Cedar Rapids (2015). In 2015 Michal was a local researcher for PBS series, "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr." He regularly contributes to the CGSI magazine Nase Rodina.

Martina Blascakova - art&creative

Martin Kudla - art&creative

Rich experience with archive research and family search can be proved by many satisfied clients from the USA and Canada and other countries.