Family tree is original and unique present for you and your family

Credit your ancestors for the journey they made and keep them in a family tree.Family tree shows the ancestors or descendants of the particular person. It can be also the combination of both. In Slovakia it is possible to get to approximately to 1780.

Your family tree will be the hand painted piece of art. The final appearance is discussed with you in detail. It can by comprised by all important places, symbols or artifacts typical to your family. We can include the old photos of your family members or towns embraced by herbal or other motives according your preference.

How to start

what to prepare

We will need the information you want to include into your family tree. If you have your genealogy already done, please send us the chart or gedcom file.
If you don't have it yet - ask us for the research and we will gladly prepare it for you

1complete names of the ancestors

2dates and place of birth (marriage and death)

3religion of the ancestors

4old documents, letters, envelopes