Discover more about your ancestors and their life in Slovakia

Find out more about their profession, time and place where they lived.

Peasants or noblemen, soldiers or shepherds - every story is interesting and unique.

It is exciting to uncover the secrets of the past.

We can search the records and assist with their interpretation.

Please send us your question with concrete details.

Each family story is different. Records are on various places and so the cost in individual based on your request.

We can search for

Outputs of the research

electronical form

Family tree

Graphic chart or family tree


Copies of the documents


Full report of the research

Each family tree is created based on the research and the historical documents

Please, try to gather as much information about your family.

The more information you can find, the chance to success is higher. Essential are especially these data:

- complete names of the ancestors
- your relationship to this persons
- dates: born, marriage and death
- place of born
- religion
- year of arrival to the USA
- all other relevant information:
-old documents, letters, envelopes,
- contact to relatives who remained in Slovakia

Each research is individual and we give you estimate before we start.
Advanced payment is not needed. You pay after you get the results.